Evop Oy is a Finnish quantitative-methods based efficiency improvement company

Our primary tools and methods include DoE (Design of Experiments) and EVOP (Evolutionary Operation) which are used in various industries to solve complex design and optimization tasks and to reduce energy consumption.

Our approach is strongly influenced by a proven business improvement process and tool kit which our partners have been using for many decades. Our improvement program includes several best practice project management and implementation processes. We call our improvement program EVOP+

Our goal is to help companies with complex or difficult optimization tasks achieve significant improvement in efficiency and yield as well as in emmissions and energy consumption by providing a complete program using these advanced tools. Supporting the implementation of the resulting changes in the respective processes is also part of the program.

Our team includes seasoned professionals with many years of business improvement experience. We are confident we can help you and we are prepared to lower the barrier to progress by saying "no improvement - no fee"